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People who enjoy close relationships. They find satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


People who have a great deal of stamina & work hard. They take great satisfaction from being productive.


People who cultivate the potential in others. They derive satisfaction from even small signs of improvement.


People who have strong & unchanging core values. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.



That’s me, Justine Rendl! I am a California-grown, typography obsessed Graphic Design student at Texas Christian University. After playing Division One Women’s Soccer for three years, I decided to leave my athletic career behind to focus more on Art Direction. Having to juggle multiple jobs, a D1 sport, and a full academic schedule taught me the value of time management in the form of power naps, meal prep, and many, many, to-do list post-it notes. And although I may be the only college student (& creative) that doesn’t like caffeine, i’d still love to hang out at a coffee shop- just don’t judge me for ordering a hot chocolate. My favorite things in life consist of free food & dog Instagram accounts, but my biggest fear is losing my external hard drive. Above all, I am a strategic thinker and creative problem-solver who loves cultivating ideas and relationships with those around me.


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