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People who enjoy close relationships. They find satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.


People who have a great deal
of stamina & work hard. They take great satisfaction from being productive.


People who cultivate the potential in others. They derive satisfaction from even small signs of improvement.


People who have strong & unchanging core values. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.

Art Director BY DAY,


That’s me, Justine Rendl! (Actually it’s Justine Thompson now, but I’m still working on the formalities.) I am California-grown, but officially became an Atlanta transplant after I fell in love with the South and married my husband. I currently work as a Junior AD for Wunderman Thompson (formerly JWT (RIP)), which has given me an appreciation for office snacks, happy hours, and “family dinners” with my coworkers during the late hours of a project. I am known in the office for being “unusually positive”, probably because I don’t drink coffee and nobody can figure out why I have so much energy all the time. My favorite things in life consist of free food & dog Instagram accounts, but my biggest fear is losing my external hard drive. Long story short, I’m a hard-working, do-gooding, converse-wearing working girl who loves new friends and new opportunities.


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