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Raising Canes: The Challenge

With the rapid growth of the QSR industry, Cane’s needs to differentiate themselves among their growing pool of competitors by focusing on a single, own-able aspect.

Pre-gaming is a popular sports tradition in the US, but many restaurants have neglected to capitalize on what happens after the game. The challenge is to create a 360° campaign that positions Canes as a restaurant perfect for their customer’s post-game, celebratory cravings.

Target Market

Savy Students

Ages: 16–22

Savy students are avid sports game attendees, heavy mobile/social media users, and are strongly influenced by their peers. Win or lose, they want to be with their friends after the game.

Diplomas and Digitals

Ages: 22-36

These are new grads and young professionals who often go out to eat and live an active lifestyle. Their local bar serves as their place of celebration after a big win but also cushions the blow after a hard loss.

Fast Track Fans

Young Families

These fans are suburban families that have young, active children and are comfortable spenders. They’re looking for a family friendly restaurant to hang out after their Saturday little league game.


Brand Position

Cane’s already has a strong relationship to sports with their tailgating boxes and regional work with college sports teams like TCU, Texas Tech, and LSU.  With roots tied so closely to tradition, we believe Cane’s has an advantage by targeting their audience through sports tradition. We want to further expand on Cane’s own traditions of serving great food and the belief that Cane’s is more than a restaurant. To the fans, Cane’s is their team dinner, their good luck charm, and their home field. We want to deepen Cane’s connection to tradition, to sports, and to sports fans. By creating a new tradition and bringing hungry fans together after the game, we can show them that it can’t be a true Game-Day if it doesn’t end with Cane’s.




There is no day like game day. There are few events in life that are so inspirational, so thrilling, so unifying as sports. The excitement you feel, the rush of adrenaline in your veins- it comes from the tradition. It’s in the game, it’s in the fans, and it’s in the athletes. Tradition is masses of fans gathering in the city street to cheer for hours after the game is over. It’s in the team’s locker room, jumping together spraying champagne in celebration. It’s unlacing the cleats, hanging up the jersey, taking it all in one last time before heading home.We hold tradition close to our hearts. Win or lose, game day wouldn’t be the same without it.

In 1996, Cane’s was founded on tradition. Our menu is simple, because we don’t need anything more to promise you a phenomenal chicken finger meal. Tradition is what keeps us successful; it’s in our preparation, our recipe, our environment, our employees and our customers. What makes sports, sports, makes Cane’s, Cane’s. This is our tradition, this is your tradition. Cane’s wouldn’t be the same without it.

Social Engagement

Launch Post: Hype video will kick off campaign to tell the story behind the new post-game tradition, using #ATasteOfTradition.

Evergreen Content: This is content that aligns with the playful and spirited theme of the overall campaign.

UGC (User Generated Content): Social media will Repurpose fans’ content using the branded hashtag. This will be a way to interact with fans and allow them to contribute to the campaign, sharing their own post-game traditions.  

Little League Tradition


Most of the image is still, focusing only on the girl as she drinks her drink and eats her Caniac (kids) meal. Light steam emerges from the food in the forefront of the frame.

Sauce Shower


Instead of the classic “gatorade shower,” beverage will be replaced by Canes special dipping sauce. “Sauce Shower.”

Award Ceremony


At a small high school stadium, all three items rise at different elevations with the chicken finger at the top. Emulates a winners podium and frames Canes Chicken as #1. 

Digital Campaign

The Facebook Ad campaign will consist of banner ads displayed across the web. These ads are shown to users that fall into the target market. In addition, stadium banner displays are shown at major sports games across the country, using the relationships that Canes has with hundreds of teams nationwide to promote the post-game tradition. Lastly, to reinforce the campaign, the print ads will be displayed on kiosks on major cities across the country. 

Out-of-Store Extension


Like most sports teams, Cane’s knows what it’s like to have loyal, die-hard fans. Like most families, Cane’s knows how a good meal brings people together, especially during a sporting event. The same level of loyalty and community is seen in athletes and sports fans across the nation. Win or lose, fans stand together for their team always. We want to give them a place to immediately absorb their game-day experience and come together one last time by sharing a meal before going home. The Goal: Transform a parking lot/street space on the fan’s exit route from the stadium into an outdoor Cane’s post-game destination.

In-Store Extension


When the “Greats” of sports history retire or pass on, we memorialize them in one of two permanent ways. We retire their number, or we build a statue in their honor. They were heroes; they were influencers, role-models, game-changers, and they should be celebrated. Raising Cane I was the beginning of the traditions that had founded the Raising Canes restaurant. Representing loyalty, quality, love and family, Raising Cane I reminds them of a deeper meaning: why they give back to the community; how they interact with our customers; the quality of food they serve; it reminds them of the passion and purpose behind every Raising Cane’s restaurant. Like so many of the inspirational sports “Greats” we still look back to, Raising Cane I deserves to be memorialized and celebrated. 

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