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Clio Coffee

Clio is an Italian pressed coffee machine that rivals Keurig and Nespresso. They will be selling their machines and pod boxes exclusively online, so you can have your monthly fix delivered right to your door. Extensive research in the coffee industry found that women are the primary shoppers in most households. By focusing on the moms of the millennium, I was able to come up with a fun and relatable brand that rivals anything the coffee industry has yet to see. The client came up up with the name and the challenge was to create an identity and brand voice for their company. My agency came up with a few different looks to present the client with, and this concept was my contribution to the pitch. 

Manifesto & Mood Board

Sip On This

Brand Manifesto & Tone

Life’s chaotic. Trust us, we get it. You deserve a cup of convenient caffeine without sacrificing quality or taste. Maybe you’re a parent, well Clio is our baby. And honestly, we couldn’t give a crap about what some other kids have accomplished. Because quite frankly, no one else’s coffee compares. 

We make coffee for coffee drinkers. Period. If you want some minty, blueberry mocha-chino or watered down waste of beans, look elsewhere. Clio’s pure-pressed process applies pressurized steam to Italian-roasted grounds to produce the perfect, piping-hot Americano. It’s not complicated, we’re just confident that the decade we’ve spent creating Clio has resulted in the most delicious and convenient coffee experience imaginable. This is coffee uncompromised. This is who we are. This is Clio.

Clio. Sip on this.

The tone of the brand is a little antagonistic. Of all the concepts, this one had the greatest opportunity for competitive humor and relatability to the target audience. The goal was to push the boundaries with a confident tone, and if it makes you feel a little uncomfortable, it means it’s working. Clio will be in a league of its own by punching people in the face with a bold, unashamed personality.

Logo Development: Initial Ideas

Finalized Brand Identity

Products & Packaging

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