Hooked Bungee Workout Studio

Hooked is a workout studio focused on using resistance to strengthen cardio. They use band assistance in activities such as bungee workout classes, resistance running, and recovery stretching to lower the impact on full body workouts. The vision for this company is primarily to house workouts for people who have had sports injuries in the past and need a low impact yet high intensity workout. Secondarily, it is a great way for anyone to switch up their workout routine and have a little fun doing something new.



Ad Campaign


Bungee workout classes are on the rise due to the fact that they give a full body workout with an incredibly low joint impact. In order to emphasize these benefits, I positioned it directly against indoor cycling and track workouts. They both have heavy consequences on an aging body and these ads emphasize a beneficial alternative. This campaign is meant to humorously jab at traditional exercises while convincing you to be more adventurous with your workout routine.

Target Market

The target market for Hooked is athletic women, ages 21-50 with an adventurous appetite for their workouts. Due to the fact that bungee workouts are a combination of adventure, strength, and dance, we are also targeting anyone who attends gym membership classes such as cycling, yoga, and Zumba. The campaign speaks directly to those who use traditional exercise, convincing them to switch to Hooked as a new adventure for their workout routine.

Corporate identity