Mantra Poster


A mantra is a statement or a slogan that is repeated often. This slogan usually represents the values or aspirations of an individual, and is reinforced throughout someone’s life. The challenge was to create a personal mantra poster and execute it in a meaningful way.

The mantra “Freedom in Forgiveness” is specific to my personality.  I love to build meaningful relationships, but as a Christian I acknowledge that people are faulted. I believe that our lives are not defined by the mistakes we make but instead on how we react to them. Understanding people’s struggles and short comings are ways to grow relationships, and overcome pain they may have caused you. True forgiveness towards other people allows us to live freely and love people well.


The execution of this poster focuses on depth and perspective. These are two things that are highly implemented in my own life and factor into my relationships. Forgiveness grants a new perspective and allows people to dig below their surface to be the bigger person. I was able to show these factors by layering laser cut paper with foam core and placing it inside a shadow box. When you walk around the 3D poster, you can see the artwork from different perspectives and the light casts shadows on the paper to show depth.