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Never Say Never

Play Doh

Play Doh is a safe and imaginative molding clay made specifically for children. Their brand focuses on harnessing the imagination in kids and allowing them to express their creativity. The challenge was to create an ad and 30 second television spot that works cohesively with other brand print ads but also stands out on its own. 

The Big Idea

Everyday, kids are being told what they can’t do. Their parents, their teachers, and the world around them all have rules about how to behave, how to communicate, and how to define themselves. But we say no to rules. Play Doh takes the training wheels off of children’s imaginations and encourages them to be whoever they want to be. Never Say Never is a campaign that focuses on encouraging kids to do whatever they set their minds to, even when others say no.



          2017 Fort Worth ADDYs accepted entry

          2017 Graphis New Talent Accepted Entry

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