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Bringing a 90's brand into the 21st Century

Rollerblade Inline Skates

Rollerblade is an iconic Inline Skating company that has not produced new advertising since 1998. Although they have continued to create new products, the lack of marketing inevitably left the brand behind in the 20th Century. The challenge was to alert a new generation of trendsetters that Rollerblading is back and better than ever.


The Big Idea

From fanny packs to parachute pants, the millennial generation is bringing back all things 90’s. This campaign markets the new line of Rollerblades as a fun workout that will bring life to an old trend. Capitalizing on minimal joint impact and maximum calorie loss targets men and women who want to lose weight in an adventurous way.


Fort Worth ADDYs Accepted Entry

Graphis 2017 New Talent  Honorable Mention

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