St. Croix Campaign

When people think of St. Croix, they should think of more than a beach vacation. St. Croix is a land with rich culture informed by diverse history.It is a place where you can feel the comforts of the U.S. while having an entirely unique experience. With food, culture and people. A place where you can scuba dive, horseback ride, and mountain climb all in the same day. St. Croix has characteristic Caribbean beauty while standing out from the islands around it. The campaign hi-lights every unique aspect of St. Croix. Not only is this island different than others in the Caribbean, it also stands out against the other US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and St. John. This campaign shows the similarities to the comforts of American life and activities, while adding a twist that only the island of St. Croix can offer. St. Croix. Same But Different.

TV Script

Same But Different

VO: There’s an island out in the middle of the Caribbean.

The camera shows swooping drone footage of St. Croix

VO: From up high it may look similar to other islands… surrounded by the same treasured turquoise waters and encircled in sugar-sand beaches.

But on the ground, things are different.

The tempo changes, the music ramps up to percussion.

Show Bartender Frank shaking a cocktail

VO: You can have your same signature drink, but with 39 local rums, Frank will give it a different twist.

Show Chef Digby cooking over flames

VO: We use the same ingredients, but Chef Digby gives them different island flavor.


Show bioluminescent river shining at night

VO: The same moonlight, but with different stars.

Show someone handcrafting a hook bracelet

VO: Same metals, different hardworking hands.

Show Crucians smiling and dancing, slow motion

VO: As people we may look different, but deep down, we are the same. We feel the same things, value the same things, and connect in the same ways. 

Return to drone footage, showing off the water, the rainforest, the city

VO: And the best part of the island is that you don’t need a passport to come here.

VO: We are a beautiful Caribbean island, but we are more than that.

VO: St. Croix. Same but Different.


Experiential Campaign

Underwater Wedding

We will build a chapel-like structure to sink into the beautiful water off the coast of St. Croix. With 8 sides to represent different religions, this structure will become the first non-denominational underwater wedding chapel in the World. The chapel will become a beautiful underwater attraction as coral grows on it, as well as a place for different kinds of people to come together for an unforgettable experience.

Instagram/ Youtube

Social Campaign

Our instagram stories, facebook posts, and youtube videos play with double entendres to show that St. Croix is the same but different than the things you can do in the U.S. It  promotes the fact that the USVI is a U.S. territory by connecting their languages and experiences. This short social campaign features :15 videos that hilight different aspects of the island of St. Croix.