The Challenge

Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. Because all navigation apps are free, most people use more than one depending on their need. The challenge was to create an extension that would entice people to only use the Waze app.



The Big Idea

The Working Wazers Bundle is a service extension of the Waze Navigation App. The app itself was designed to match the interface of the current app, while specifically focusing on the new features. All design was created as a part of a semester-long group project for a Business Marketing class. The guidelines for this project were to take an existing company and find customer needs that could be addressed in the introduction of a new product or service for that business. 

Target Market

Our extensive research found a gap in satisfaction with traveling businessmen and women, so we created an extension of Waze that is specifically desiged to make the average working Wazer’s life easier. This inforgraphic is a product of months of in-depth research. Read my group’s research project HERE.